Wellington Collegians Cricket Club


Wellington Collegians Cricket Club - Hall of Fame

The genesis of the Wellington Collegians Cricket Club Hall of Fame is grounded in the NZC and Cricket Wellington’s key Purpose statements that “Cricket is a game for life”. Few sports have the drama (across now 3 playing formats) and the ability to bring together people across generations to watch, comment upon, and importantly play together.

The club utilises this initiative to (re) connect with its players and supporters. The Hall of Fame celebrates the past but also looks to secure the future. Many stories were shared in our inaugural launch on Saturday 02 February in 2019 with the Rt Hon Sir Anand Satyanand (Patron), Bryan Waddell (MC), and over 100 club members and supporters in attendance.

Since 1849 as a club and with close to 50 international representatives it was deemed important to recognise club and domestic contribution in selection. All the inductees have strong club and domestic records (on and off the pitch) while achieving international recognition.

There is a fantastic opportunity for our inductees (where still on this planet) or their progeny to meet their Junior team that are named after them. This started in the 2019-2020 season so the Year 2’s played for the Penny Kinsella’s etc. and now carry that name with them for their Wellington Collegians Junior career.

This is an extremely important part for this first wave so we can ensure our longevity and bolster the next 170 years within the breeding ground of the club.