Wellington Collegians Cricket Club


COVID-19 Updates, Weekly Draws and Grounds

COVID-19 Updates

New Zealand Cricket has COVID-19 Alert Level guidelines here and they cover the following:

  • Return to Play
  • Training Guidelines
  • Contact Tracing Guidelines
  • Umpiring and Scoring Guidelines

New Zealand Cricket monitors information provided by Sport New Zealand and any updates will be passed onto clubs immediately.

To check the latest information on COVID-19 from Cricket Wellington visit their website here.

Weekly Draws & Cancellations

CricHQ inks to the weekly draw can be found here (click on the HVAC year grade to see details).

Cancellation information will be posted on the  Wellington Collegians Junior Facebook Page and also be accessed here Cricket Wellington Club Cricket Cancellations.

If there is no cancellation update on Facebook by Saturday 7.30 am, you should prepare for your game as usual. We will do our best to make available as much information as possible each weekend and we also share any updates with coaches.

Playing Grounds

Pitch details and locations of Wellington playing grounds can be found here. 

Other useful links:

Wellington Collegians Facebook Page

Cricket Wellington Facebook Page

Wellington City Council Sportsgrounds