Wellington Collegians Cricket Club



For the 2021/22 season we are introducing a new junior uniform for our Year 2 - 7 players, so they can wear the same uniform as our senior players.

We are encouraging families to take up the new uniform, with the exception of  Year 8 players who can use existing uniforms for their last Collegians season.

Our players will wear white shorts (lower grades) or white long pants (higher grades) with the Wellington Collegians shirt, vest or jumper, along with a Wellington Collegians cap. White wide brimmed hats are also allowed and are available from most sports stores.

Contact  Cricket Express, 218 Riddiford Street, Newtown (04 3894384) to order the uniform:
- Visit their website here
- Email address well@justhockey.co.nz

More information about our uniforms:

  • Register with the Cricket Express MVP Programme for shopping rewards
  • Get free freight ordering online when entering the code WCCCFREESHIP
  • Wellington Collegians hoodies are available for off the field wearing. Parents and carers are welcome to arrange screen printing of their child's name on the reverse of the hoody at their own cost.
  • Shirt numbers are randomly selected between 1 - 99 (depending on shirt size)
  • Jumpers and vests will not have numbers 
  • Players can still wear last year's uniform as the new uniform is phased in over time
  • Nursery grade players will get cricket shirts supplied by the Club
  • All new players will recieve a complimentary Wellington Collegians cricket cap

If you have any questions about the uniform please speak to your coach or manager.