Wellington Collegians Cricket Club


Grades and Grading

WCJCC provides cricket for boys and girls at primary and intermediate school, up to the end of Year 8, in 5 formats.  Grades are based on their school year at the start of the cricket season.

For details of playing conditions for each form of cricket / grade please refer to the Junior Grades and-Rules Summary 2017/18

Nursery Grade: Years 0-1

A programme for children in Year 0 or Year 1, helping them gain the skills necessary to play formal matches the following season.  Coached by a level 2 qualified coach who places emphasis on fun, enjoyment and participation. Held on Sunday mornings at Anderson Park 9.30am to 10.30am.

Soft Ball Grades: Years 2 to 4

Players are organised into teams which play a formal game of cricket with a soft ball.  Matches take place on a Saturday morning, usually starting at 8.30am, against teams from other clubs at venues across Wellington city.  Teams usually train once per week for an hour on a weekday afternoon at Anderson or Kelburn Parks.

Year 2 & 3 Grades

Cricket Wellington has recently introduced dual pitch cricket which promotes fun and enjoyment, encourages participation, and improves skill development

Dual pitch cricket consists of two concurrent matches occurring at the same time on pitches next to each other. On one pitch Team A will be batting against the fielding team (Team B). On the other pitch the players waiting to bat for Team A will be fielding against batters from Team B. Players then rotate every 4 overs. The pitch length varies per grade, Year 2 is 12 metres, and Year 3 is 14 meters. Tipeny runs apply for year 2 only. For further details refer to the Wellington Cricket downloads page.

Year 4 Grade

Teams play games more closely aligned to the style of game they will play from Year 5 on but with a soft ball; matches last approx. 120 minutes.

Hard Ball Grades: Years 5 to 8 - 2019/20 Playing Conditions 

Players are organised into teams which play a formal game of cricket with hard cricket ball using appropriate protective equipment.  Matches usually take place on a Saturday morning, starting at 8.30am, against teams from other clubs at venues across the greater Wellington region.  Teams usually train once per week for 60-90 minutes on a weekday afternoon at Anderson or Kelburn Parks.

The club provides the team with a well equipped team bag (helmets pads gloves and bats) so no need to get all the gear first up; we strongly recommend buying a box for the players as "no box, no batting".

Note Year 8 Grade runs till Christmas only.

Remember, it is mandatory that helmets are worn in all hard ball grades as outlined in NZ Cricket and Cricket Wellington policy HERE and HERE.


Girls Cricket

Girls are welcome to play in mixed teams throughout the club and to trial for all club representative and tournament teams. In accordance with Cricket Wellington policy, girls are permitted to play up to two grades below their school year. The club has a flexible approach and will try to place girls in teams with other girls and with friends.

WCJCC are taking a leading role in promoting girls only cricket and have a dedicated Girls Cricket Convener.

See more details on girls cricket HERE.

        Girls Year 5-8 Superstar Cricket

Superstar Cricket takes place on Sunday afternoons. Teams are eight-a-side, playing 16 overs per  innings with a soft ball, all players bowl two overs and bat as a pair for four overs no matter how many times they are dismissed. matches last approx 60-75 mins.

WCJCC Grading Policy

Teams are formed during October each year for the forthcoming season, which usually starts on the last Saturday of October.  Players will normally be placed in the grade of their school year in Term 4 of that year and stay in that grade through to the end of the season the following March.

Players may be placed one grade higher than their age only at the discretion of the Club.

Our policy at Collegians is to aim to keep existing teams from previous seasons together even though their members may span two different school years.  Thus players will normally move up a grade from the previous season, with the following exceptions:

  • Children who played in Nursery Grade last season and are in Year 1 at school in 2019 will be placed by arrangement with the Nursery and Year 2 Grade Coordinators.  Some will be ready to join the Year 2 grade now whilst others may benefit from a second season in Nursery grade
  • Players playing up a grade in Year 7 are asked to repeat Year 7 the following season to not cause issues when Year 8 teams are disbanded mid-season with the exit of the Year 8 players to secondary school. This also applies to WCJCC Year 7 representative (Rep) teams.

However these are guidelines only; the Club reserves the right to move players who have previously been playing a grade higher than their age into the correct grade if necessary to balance team numbers.

We have a record of your child’s team from last season and will place them in a team for 2019/20 according to the guidelines above, unless you tell us otherwise on the registration form.  There is some room for flexibility and we are happy to discuss individual cases, although the final decision on grade placement rests with the Club.  However such flexibility may not be possible if you register after the closing date of 6 October 2019.

If you at all unsure in which grade your child should be playing in 2019/20, please get in touch with one of our Grade Coordinators. Every child's situation is unique and placement in an appropriate grade is very important to his or her cricketing development.