Wellington Collegians Cricket Club


Girls Cricket

We are all about encouraging more girls to give cricket a go, with choices for entry level programmes designed to show how much fun it can be. There are a range of formats available for those who want to keep playing.

Nursery Mixed Grade

Saturday morning sessions involving fun skills-based activities to introduce 4 – 6 year olds to core cricket skills such as throwing, catching and hitting a ball.

Soft ball Mixed Grades - Years 2-4

Saturday morning games, lasting 45 mins for Years 2 & 3, and 90 minutes for Year 4. Girls and their friends can be grouped together.

Girls Only Sunday League Cricket - Years 5-8

Sunday afternoons soft ball games in a pairs format lasting 90 minutes playing other Wellington club girls only teams.

Hard ball Mixed Grades - Years 5-8

Saturday mornings games against other Wellington teams. Girls and their friends can be grouped together and where possible be in girls only teams.

Premier Girls Grade - Years 7-11

Saturday afternoon (from 2 pm) hard ball games played between girls only club teams. The teams compete in pairs, T20 and 30 over formats.

Collegians Junior Cricket Club is fully committed to developing girls cricket and during the season we will get involved and promote Cricket Wellington – Yeah! Girls programme. More information here: Cricket Wellington - Yeah! Girls.

For the keen cricketer, girls can play any combination of Mixed Grade, Sunday League or Premier Girls Cricket. 

Contact Details and Registration

Feel free to get in touch with Rebecca Newell our Girls Convenor if you have questions here. Check out our registration page here.