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FalconHawk(e) was formed in the halcyon days of the 2004/05 season when the summers were long and the champagne flowed freely. A team of amateurs who played with amateur ideals; the socialist structure led to a drive for mid-table mediocrity. A strict rule (still followed today) of a new captain each year has worked maintain its place in the middle. In recent times, however, “professional” mindsets have infiltrated and placed us in serious contention for pennants. This attitude - well below FalconHawk(e)’s status - is a work on for the team.

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FalconHawk(e) 2004/05. Captain O Mann (second row, second from left) led the team to win 38% of its games.

Currently entertaining club cricketers in Wellington’s glamour Grade 3; FalconHawk(e) are an equal opportunities cricket team. It has seen doctors (both of philosophy and medicine),award winning novelists, politicians, mayors, high-ranking officials, engineers and poets in its ranks. Also other professions, like people who paint houses and actors are allowed to play.

Catches Mean Victory.

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FalconHawk(e) 2017/18. Captain B Stephenson (absent) led the team to its most successful season with a 70% win ratio