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Ellis Edgar Achong was a sportsman from Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. He played cricket for the West Indies and was the first person of known Chinese descent to play a test match. Left-arm unorthodox spin is sometimes known as a Chinamen. Chinamen is thought to be in his honour.

Established in 2011, a team largely formed as a skeleton of Wellington College rejects brought their services to Wellington Collegians in attempt to tackle the challenge of senior mens. 1day cricket, T20 cricket and 2day cricket, they have already been there and done that. Much like a Brad Hogg wrong-un, it has been a scandalous dynasty thus far.

Chinamen's greatest success came in 2016/2017 with a Fourth Grade victory on their first attempt, in turn placing them where they are today in Third Grade. Blossoming under the prospect of an honours board performance there have been some sensational match winning performances, alongside some tantalisingly match losing collapses. They pride themselves on who they are and what they offer to the fans of Chinamen cricket. 

Kid's don't listen to what the coaches say to you. Listen to what the Chinamen tell you.

Catches DO NOT win matches

Disclaimer: Chinamen are yet to bowl a Chinamen delivery during a legitimate fixture.
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